About Us

A Different Approach to Health

Here at Elemental Spirit, we look at all aspects of a person: body, mind, emotions, spirit, and how they interconnect. As all these have a direct effect upon our bodies and lives.

Why live in pain or depression when you can live the life you’ve always dreamt of?

What We Offer

Energy & Sound Healing, including:

  • Reiki Master: Usui, Karuna, Lightarian
  • Shambala Multidimensional Healing
  • Past Lives
  • Spirit Guides
  • Frequency upgrades
  • Freedom from Energy Blocks and Impediments in Flow
  • Tuning of Electromagnetic Body / Torus Field

Manual Osteopathy, which includes

  • Articular and Soft Tissue Therapy
  • Cranial Sacral Therapy
  • Visceral Manipulation

Yoga Therapy

Crystal & Jem Therapy

Flower Essence Therapy

Give us a call today and see what we can do for you!